Institute of Informatics and
Innovative technologies
Институт по Информатика и
Иновативни технологии
Студенти работят в лаборатория Лабораторен комплекс ЛЯТНО УЧИЛИЩЕ ПО

For the institute

The Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies is a structural unit of Plovdiv Tech Park. The Institute was founded in 2018, under the Law on Legal Entities as a non-profit association conducting research and development (R&D), with the aim of acquiring, accumulating and disseminating knowledge and technological skills in the field of its priority research areas, as well as educational activity and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the fields of informatics, information technology and e-leadership.

Deep Tech Innovation Valley - Plovdiv

The creation of DDTI – Plovdiv has as an important goal the formation of a Regional Innovation Valley in the South Central region of the Republic of Bulgaria in the direction of “Food security and food safety” in accordance with the intelligent specialization of the region under ISIS – “Industry for a healthy lifestyle, bioeconomy” and Biotechnologies’ as a key component of the drive of the New European Agenda for Innovation in the European Union.

Creating a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs, researchers and investors to collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise in the application of deep technologies in the food industry.
To promote deep-tech innovations that are based on cutting-edge science, technology and engineering that often combine advances in the physical, biological and digital realms and have the potential to provide transformative solutions in the context of global challenges.

The initiators of establishing the association “Valley of Deep Technological Innovations – Plovdiv” are over 40 individuals and legal entities, including: “Plovdiv Tech Park” JSC, “Technology and Innovation Corporation” JSC, “IT Academy” JSC, Private Professional High School of Informatics and Computer Sciences “Academic Blagovest Sendov”, “Professional Private European College of Innovative Technologies”, “E-Business Cluster” and many other innovative companies from the Plovdiv region.

Currently, the members of the association are more than 80 legal entities and individuals: research organizations, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and innovative start-ups from Plovdiv and the region.

The Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies is a member of the Valley for Deep Technological Innovations – Plovdiv


Our goals

Promotion and support of initiatives for the development of digital transformation to improve the business environment, competitiveness and the structure of economic relations to accelerate economic growth and improve the well-being of the region, the country and Europe.

To stimulate, promote and protect the interests of its members through effective advocacy, communications, education and training, benchmarking and best practice, networking and industry information.



Generation of innovative business ideas and their implementing technologies with high potential for practical application. Creation of computer-based information and management methodologies, software platforms for training, for e-commerce, information and expert systems, processes and services that are new to the market or represent technological innovation with a beneficial effect, satisfying a real market need and creating value for users, owners and society as a whole.


The institute has:

Laboratory complex

Scientific expert council

Scientific research sector

IIIT Academic Publishing House.

The laboratory complex has 4 laboratories:

– Laboratory for laser safety – head Volodya Yanev;

– Econometrics Laboratory – head Prof. Asen Konarev;

– Laboratory of robotics and artificial intelligence – managers Hachik Yazjiyan and Atanas Kostov

– Laboratory of Audio Visual Intelligence (LAVI) – head Hachik Yazjiyan

– Laboratory of Network Communications and Cloud Services – head Rosen Gerasimov

Our partners