Academic publishing house

The academic publishing house of the Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies was established in 2020. The publishing house specializes in scientific, popular science and educational literature in Bulgarian and foreign languages, translated literature, reference books, magazines, yearbooks. Organizers and editors of the editions are the first actual members of IIIT – Prof. Ph.D. Chavdar Damyanov.

The publishing house offers services related to the printing of books, magazines, brochures, posters, etc.

The academic publishing house has been awarded: International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and International Standard Number for Periodicals (ISSN) 2682 – 9517 for the scientific journal “Informatics and Innovative Technologies”, “Journal of Informatics and Innovative Technologies”. With the magazine, the Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies gained new positions in the scientific community of Europe and the world.

The introduction of the system enables fast and effective communication between publishers and users, facilitates the exchange of publications and international information cooperation.

The journal is referenced in full in the NACID database, in the international ISSN database (available at, as well as in the open-access scientific online resource portal ROAD (available at

Since May 2019, the scientific publication of the Institute now has its own sites and has been awarded an international standard number for free access – ISSN 2683 – 0930 (Online) for the journal “Informatics and Innovative Technologies”.

It is also supported as an electronic resource

The head of the academic publishing house is Hachik Yazadzhiyan.


phone: 0882/933-244