International Scientific Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Leadership was held in Plovdiv Tech Park

On November 10, 2023 /Friday/, the Fifth International Scientific Conference “Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Leadership” was held at the “Mahatma Gandhi” Event Center of Plovdiv Tech Park. During the conference, many interesting topics were presented by professors and students of universities in Bulgaria and abroad, business leaders, influential public figures and representatives of various institutions.

The event was opened by Mr. Venelin Yordanov – executive director of Plovdiv Tech Park AD and Assoc. Prof. Ivo Dimitrov – chairman of the Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies, who welcomed the conference participants.

The plenary report was delivered by Prof. Valentina Alexieva from the University of Food Technology on the topic “Artificial Intelligence in Food Technology”. After that, the program continued in two sessions with many interesting topics that were presented by the nearly twenty conference participants. Some of the topics in the conference were:

  • Deep technologies and innovation valleys in the focus of European regional policy;
  • Digitization, innovative technologies in the economy;
  • Digital accounting – a key element in the education of accounting and finance students;
  • India’s experience: connecting business and education through artificial intelligence;
  • AI-driven predictive maintenance for industrial operations;
  • Comparative Analysis of Unmanned Drone Control Algorithms;
  • AI-driven predictive maintenance for industrial operations;
  • Development of chatbots using SAP CONVERSATIONAL AI in the educational process;
  • Digital Platform Business Models for Artificial Intelligence Companies and the Ecosystem Approach.

And many other interesting and inspiring topics.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The reports will be published in the scientific journal Journal of informatics and innovative technologies ISSN 2682 – 9517 (print) ISSN  2683 – 0930 (online).

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