On 13.10.2023, an event related to the application of artificial intelligence in business was held at the Ubis Hotel near Plovdiv.

The speakers presented the implementation of artificial intelligence in the various business sectors.

Among the topics discussed were:

Conversational and generative AI in chatbots for business: use and benefits with speaker E. Stoilova;
Valley for deep technological innovations for the development of AI and BLC with lecturer At. Kostov;
Plovdiv Tech Park and Institute of Informatics and Innovative Technologies for the International Scientific Conference “Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Leadership” with lecturer H. Yazjiyan;
Professional High School of Informatics and Computer Sciences “Academician Blagovest Sendov” for AI programming with lecturer R. Gerasimov;
AI in industry: pros and cons with lecturer I. Ganev.

During the open discussion, the attending guests raised several interesting topics about the future of artificial intelligence. Some were of the opinion that AI would create personalized experiences for consumers and would only bring benefits to businesses, while others expressed concern about the possibility of its abuse.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is changing the world we live in, the way we work, the methods we use to communicate. With each passing day, intelligent machines are entering more and more into many aspects of the world around us, and thus – they also play a significant role in our daily activities.


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